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MPSMHL Player Accountability Program 

To encourage players to play within the rules of the game. 

To encourage players to play with respect for themselves and their opponents. 

To ensure the wellbeing of all players, game officials & team staff. 

Reporting Format: 
Each team playing in the MPSMHL shall record a list of all penalties and corresponding 

minutes incurred by every rostered and AP player during regular season, playoff and 

playdown games. An up to date listing of players and their corresponding penalty minute totals, shall be provided to their designated Centre Executive member no later than the last Tuesday of every month and continuing until their team is eliminated from OMHA playdowns. 

Each Centre shall provide reports to the MPSMHL executive beginning at the November meeting. 


Upon reaching any penalty minute plateau the player is suspended indefinitely from league play until the required meeting has taken place and reports submitted. 

50 PIM ‐ Head Coach, Team Staff member, Player, Parent. 

90 PIM ‐ Head Coach, Team Staff member, Player, Parent & Association Executive member. 

130 PIM ‐ Head Coach, Player, Parent, Association Executive member, League Executive member, OMHA Centre Contact & OMHA RD. 

Method: (All penalty minutes are counted, minor (2), major (5) & misconducts (10)) 

50 PIM – Head Coach shall facilitate the meeting and send a report to the association’s Centre Contact who will forward to the League and the OMHA REM for the league. 

90 PIM – A Centre Executive member shall facilitate the meeting, report to their board and forward the report to the League and the OMHA REM for the league. 

130 PIM – The OMHA REM will facilitate the meeting and following the meeting, in conjunction with the League executive, will determine if the player can return to play or is to be suspended for the balance of the season 

Meeting Format: 

Meetings shall be held in a private area at a mutually set time with a minimum of all parties listed above. 


To, interview each player reaching an above average total of PIM . 

To, educate the player on how many PIM he/she has and the impact it has on their team. 

To, re‐enforce the dangerous consequences that may occur from inappropriate behavior. 

To, gain a commitment from the player to reduce future incidents of poor behavior. 

To, give warning to the player that disciplinary action will commence if poor behavior continues. 

To, assess the player and determine if he/she is a threat to others. 

To, discipline the player or create an action plan for penalty minute reduction. 

Player Meeting: 

The meeting shall open with an explanation that it is the policy of the MPSMHL to interview each player who has excessive penalty minutes. The reason we do this is to ask you some questions regarding the penalties you have taken, as we are concerned with the increased risk of injury to others based on the amount of penalty minutes. 

A list of infractions and suspensions shall be reviewed with the player. 

A series of questions shall be asked. Questions may vary based on specific incidents that concern the staff or the association. Meeting shall end after questions have been exhausted and objectives have been met. Player and parents are thanked for their time and told the association will be in touch in the near future. Executive & staff will remain to determine if any further action is required. 


Based on the answers provided and the attitude of the player, the group holding the meeting will decide if the player may be or has been a threat to others and requires immediate discipline or are satisfied that an action plan and goal to reduce penalties will be sufficient. 

Questions to be asked: 

Are you concerned with the amount of PIM you have accumulated. 


Are you aware of the impact it has on your team. 

What is it? 

Are you aware of the risk to others from unfair play? 

What are they? 

Are you concerned about the well being of players on the other team? 

Do you feel responsible for the majority of penalties taken? 

If not – who is? 

Do you have a problem controlling your temper? 

If so – what are you going to do to control it in the future? 

What can you do to reduce your penalty minutes? 

What action do you feel would be suitable for your penalties? 

Do you understand this behavior is unacceptable (be specific) 

Do you understand if this behavior (be specific) continues disciplinary action will incur. 


Specific incidents may warrant further questions that should be asked or worked into the questions above.