Welcome to the 2023-24 MPSLL Playoffs and Year End U7 & U8 Jamboree, News, MPSLL (MPSHL)

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Feb 19, 2024 | Debbie Marling | 1061 views
Welcome to the 2023-24 MPSLL Playoffs and Year End U7 & U8 Jamboree
Welcome to the 2023-24 MPSLL Playoffs and Year End U7 & U8 Jamboree.......

A Letter From the MPS Local League

Our Muskoka Parry Sound Local League Championship Playoff Weekend is just a couple weeks away, and another very busy, but highly successful regular season is just about over.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone, for all the hard work that goes into a Local League season. As with any volunteer organization, it takes a great amount of time and commitment by very dedicated individuals to keep and/or at times to try to keep things running smoothly. I want to thank our excellent Executive Board members, made up of volunteers from each of your centres for lending their very valuable time this, and every season. I cannot thank them and all of you enough.

The number one thank you however, goes to all of the parents, players, coaches and volunteers who continue to help with our great game. We can plan and schedule all we like but without your time and commitment week in and week out, game in and game out, it would be all for nothing.

This was once again our biggest season yet and we continue to evolve as league. Expanded use of electronic game sheets for Local League teams in all divisions, leading to among other things better tracking of penalties and suspensions, to help centres manage their player rosters fairly and appropriately. Revised penalty codes to reduce the number of unnecessary incidental contact penalties and to make it easier for officials call the game appropriately. We also continue to bring U9 and U8 Division under the Local League for added support. Along with the addition of the MPS U8 Jamboree, Highland Storm as the host center has also included all the U7’s Teams this season in the Jamboree.

This has been another very exciting regular hockey season as it comes an end, to say it has been a crazy busy season or year for that matter, would be a huge understatement! However, while no season is ever quite perfect, I hope that all the hours dedicated by our Executive and all the other volunteers greatly helped to make all the time spend at the rink more enjoyable.

We want to acknowledge many new Local League and other reps from centres, and what a great job they did stepping up to learn what they needed to support their association, teams, and the league. Big congratulations and thank you to them.

We have and continue to try to be an innovative and a forward-thinking league, I personally continue to be very proud of what the MPSLL has accomplished in still a relatively short period of time. With the help of our Executive, coaches, and other volunteers - both past and present, our league continues to grow and attract new players. We all continue to be excited as to what lies ahead for Local League hockey in Muskoka Parry Sound.

Finally, as always, I want to wish everyone a safe and fun rest of the season, and great Championship Playoff Weekends.

Please enjoy the games from wherever you are, be it on the ice, on the bench or in the stands.
Cheer loud, play hard, play fair and play safe.

Yours in hockey,
Dan Hildebrandt

Dan Hildebrandt - President Muskoka Parry Sound Local League